Juicing has become a healthier way to consume fruits. While the produce can also be eaten whole or included in menus and recipes, consuming these in its raw form provides for the most benefit. People are more likely to experience a problem when they purchase grinders here and there on a weekly basis or more often.

Are Fruit Juices Safe?

Generally, fruits (whether whole or juiced) are safe for consumption. In fact, these types of food carry high amounts of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the body’s immune system. However, as fruits also carry high levels of sugar, it may not be necessarily good for people with sugar-related problems. Diabetics should approach drinking fruit juices with caution, and consulting a physician is recommended.

The Best Fruits for Juicing

Fruits carry a wide range of benefits, and choosing a particular type of ingredient to include in your
recipes will depend on your mood and condition. If you simply want a refreshing fruit drink, you can
make a pure watermelon juice. This type of fruit is especially revitalizing during hot summer months
as it contains water, vitamins and minerals as well.

Juice recipes that contain strawberries, apples, oranges and lemon are also equally refreshing, and
these types of fruits are loaded with Vitamin C. And as we all know, this vitamin serves as an antioxidant
for free radicals and it helps in fighting certain diseases like colds and flu as well.

Fruit juices can either be made using only one ingredient or several ingredients to make it more
interesting. In fact, even vegetables are combined with fruits on juice diet methods in order to make
the drinks more nutritious.

To Peel or Not to Peel

Oranges, pineapples and grapefruits are just some of the fruits that need to be peeled before being
processed in the juicer. Apples and pears are not usually peeled as these types of fruits carry high
amounts of nutrients on their skin. Likewise, lemons and limes can also be juiced without peeling
the outer covering as this adds a somewhat bitter taste to the drink to make it more exciting.

If you are using non-organic fruits, you may want to peel off the skin even from the likes of apples
and pears. This applies to vegetables too, as there could be chemical residue present on the produce
leftover from spraying the crops with pesticides.

Planning Ahead

If you are going to buy fruits from the groceries, it is recommended that these are consumed within 7
days. Fresh fruits contain the most nutrients and keeping them for too long can lead to deterioration
and waste. Should there be some damage on the fruits, these should also be removed before processing the
ingredients in the juicer.

When is the Best Time to Drink Fruit Juice?

As the live enzymes present on the fruits can give the most benefit on an empty stomach, it is recommended that fruit juices are consumed first thing in the morning. Furthermore, you can also drink fruit juices after a strenuous workout as the body has already burned and digested all the food stored inside the digestive tract. Drinking such nutritious beverages will also replenish the body of all lost nutrients during the workout routine.

Order of Juicing

Although fruits and vegetables can be processed in any order in the juicer, it would be more practical
to put in the citrusy fruits last (oranges, lemon, and limes). These types of fruits carry natural acids,
and the fruit extracts can clean the juicer from germs and bacteria as it passes through the device. But of course, you still need to clean and wash the juicer with soap and water after using it. I have a story where one time, my friend used a shaving soap instead of a regular soap. I mean why the hell he did that. Yes, my friend is a bearded guy and he always take his beard soap with him. That’s why he thought that it was a regular soap. So we washed it again. lol. Haha

Some Helpful Tips

Although fruits and vegetables naturally contain water, it is still recommended that water is included when one goes on a juice diet or a juice fast. This way, toxic elements from the body can be flushed out from the system and the body can stay well hydrated too.

You may also find it useful to keep a journal of your progress and record the effects of the diet on your
weight and feelings. Even the different concoctions of recipes are best written down so that you can
replicate those that have positive effects and pleasant tastes.