Top Fruits Should be Included in Your Juice Diet Recipes

Because of the alkaloid content of most vegetables, their taste is not usually described as appealing. That is why when on a juice diet, it is recommended to add fruit to one’s own vegan liquid meal in order to digest those nutrients without a frown on one’s face. You can also juice weeds and buy juice grinders at

Fruits consist of a wide range of phytonutrients that make the human system work in every way. They are very important in one’s daily juice diet recipes. Strawberries, pineapple, grapes, cantaloupe, and apricots are just a few of the fruits in this food group, and brief descriptions of other amazing fruits can be found below:

Acai Berry

fruit juice recipes acai berry Fruit Juice Recipes

Acai berry can be considered as one of today’s most nutritious fruits. Although available in different supplement forms, it is still best consumed fresh. That’s why it would make a great addition in your juice diet as it can make your drinks more delicious and nutritious as well. The compounds contained in acai berries (Resveratrol, Cyanidin-3-Galactoside, Petunidin, Delphinidin) are all anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-cancer.


fruit juice recipes apples e1328430578813 Fruit Juice Recipes

An apple is best eaten unpeeled, since its nutrients are mainly found in its covering and on the layer below it. It could also make one’s teeth clean and restore the gums to a healthier state.  Its potassium is responsible for bone health, and its malic acid gives one more energy and reduces lethargy and muscle stiffness. Apples contain phlorizin, which decreases bone loss associated with menopause.  Flavonoids in apples reduce potential heart and lung disease.  Additionally, it acts as a laxative as a result of its fiber content.


fruit juice recipes apricot1 e1328431703986 Fruit Juice Recipes

The sweet taste of apricot will enhance the overall quality of your juice diet recipes. With this fruit included in the ingredients, your juice drink will be tastier and healthier as well. Apricots are rich in Vitamin C, and this is important for fast recovery from sickness as well as rapid wound healing. The fruit has high levels of Vitamin A too, which is contributory to eye and skin health.


fruit juice recipes avocado copy1 Fruit Juice Recipes

Beta-sitosterol and monounsaturated fat in avocado lowers blood’s “bad cholesterol” (Low-Density Lipoprotein or LDL) levels. Cataracts can be prevented by consuming avocado because of its lutein content. It also contains glutathione, which delays aging and prolongs life. Phytochemicals in avocado fight cancers, along with the antioxidant vitamins A and C. This fruit has a lot of carbohydrates and protein. It produces a rise in the level of your HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein, “good cholesterol”) because of its linoleic and oleic acids. Its folate keeps your tissues and fetal cell healthy. It can also give you fresh breath and serve as a solution for a coated tongue. It also prevents you from having glaucoma, astigmatism, and cataracts.


1116469 bananas 2 e1328432771380 Fruit Juice Recipes

Potassium in a banana-rich juice diet allows you to dispel excess waste through urine and maintains a normal blood pressure. It helps improve your critical thinking and keep you from having cramps. It also combats kidney stones by increasing the likelihood of calcium absorption, which also sustains dense bones. Dementia and depression could be stopped by drinking banana juice simply because of its B-complex vitamins. It also has iron, which is important in the production of myoglobin and hemoglobin.



fruit juice recipes blackberries Fruit Juice Recipes

The nutritional benefits of blackberries can make your juice fast recipes more effective. If you are after the sweet taste of blackberries, it would be best to make use of ripe fruits. But if you are after some of its sour qualities, you can add some blackberries that are not that ripe in your juice drink. This type of fruit carries a lot of Flavonoid Phytochemicals like Quercetin, Salicylic Acid and Ellagic Acid. These compounds are all anti-cancer, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory; and some neurological diseases can also be avoided through its constant consumption.


fruit juice recipes blueberries e1328434838265 290x300 Fruit Juice Recipes

Sweet blueberries always make good addition to fruit and vegetable juice diet recipes. This type of fruit is a storehouse of anti-oxidants like Myricetin, Tannins and Chlorogenic Acid which are all helpful in combating free radicals. The Vitamins contained in this fruit (A, C and E) are also helpful in keeping the eyes, skin, hair and body cells healthy and disease-free.


fruit juice recipes cantaloupe e1328435466666 300x293 Fruit Juice Recipes

If you want a certain twist in your juice diet recipes, you can add cantaloupe as one of the main ingredients of your juice drink. This fruit is actually very rich in its Vitamin A content which is not only beneficial to the eyes but to the hair and skin as well. In fact, this vitamin also helps in lowering the risks of lung and oral cavity diseases. Even in you don’t particularly like the taste of cantaloupes, it is still recommended that you include even small portions of this fruit in your juice preparations. Its Flavanoid component called Beta Carotene is effective in preventing certain types of cancers like prostate, colon, lung, breast, and even pancreatic cancer.


fruit juice recipes cherry Fruit Juice Recipes

Cherries can be included in fruit and vegetable juice cleanse recipes as its taste can blend well with other ingredients. This fruit is rich in a type of Flavanoid called Anthocyanin Glycosides which is an anti-inflammatory agent. The same compound is also effective in treating arthritis, gout as well as fibromyalgia problems. If you are having sleeping problems like insomnia, the Melatonin component present in cherries will also be of help to you. Melatonin has a soothing effect that can also help in maintaining a healthy nervous system.


fruit juice recipes cranberry e1328436543852 Fruit Juice Recipes

The sweet and sour taste of cranberries makes it an exciting addition to any fruit and vegetable juice drink. If you’re coming up with your own juice diet recipes, make sure that you include this highly nutritious fruit as a regular ingredient in your drinks. Cranberries are high in Vitamin C which makes your body resistant to bacterial and viral infections. The moderate amounts of Vitamin A and B contained in this fruit also makes it a well-rounded ingredient as these vitamins are both essential to one’s general health. Cranberries are beneficial to the eyes, skin, nerves, as well as the urinary tract.


fruit juice recipes dates copy e1328544836730 Fruit Juice Recipes

Have you ever heard people saying juicing for weight loss? If you are actively pursuing an effective weight loss program, adding dates to your juice diet recipes would make it easy to attain your goal. Dates are rich in dietary fiber so it can help in the proper detoxification of your body. Furthermore, this fruit also contains fructose and dextrose which are energy boosters, so you will immediately feel revitalized even when going through vigorous workout routines.


fruit juice recipes figs1 e1328439280580 300x284 Fruit Juice Recipes

Figs will add character and valuable nutrients to your juice detox diet. This type of fruit is particularly beneficial to diabetics because its Chlorogenic Acid content can lower blood sugar levels. Figs are also particularly high in Vitamins A and E which will benefit your eyes, skin, and memory. In fact, it also has Calcium to strengthen your bones and teeth.


fruit juice recipes grapefruit e1328440042470 300x300 Fruit Juice Recipes

The bitter, tangy, yet sweet taste of grapefruits makes it an ideal ingredient for the juice cleanse. However, this fruit is not only delicious but nutritious as well. The high fiber content on a grapefruit gives some kind of a laxative effect; it therefore protects the lining on the colon to prevent cancer. This fruit even contains high levels of Vitamins C and A which are both necessary in maintaining a healthy body. While Vitamin C boosts one’s overall immune system, the Vitamin A component aids in proper maintenance of eye health.


fruit juice recipes grapes Fruit Juice Recipes

Selenium necessary for toxin-neutralizing body enzymes are found in grapes, along with other micronutrients, such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and iron. It can extend life expectancy due to its resveratrol content, which is known to be effective against aging, cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Goji Berry

fruit juice recipes goji berry e1328440762758 235x300 Fruit Juice Recipes

The tangy taste of goji berries which is characterized by some sweet and sour qualities will add a new dimension to your juice diet recipes. This fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals too, so it will literally transform your ordinary juice drink into a power drink. This fruit is rich in Vitamin A which is beneficial to the eyes and skin. Studies reveal that this vitamin is also helpful in alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin E is another high component of goji berries. This vitamin is a potent anti-aging agent so it can also make you feel younger and healthier both inside and out. Although the mineral contents of goji berries are also many, Iron stands out as one of the most prominent ones. And iron is a needed element in maintaining healthy blood cells.


965270 guava 1 Fruit Juice Recipes

Including guava regularly in your juice diet recipes will increase your supply of Vitamin C. Compared to other fruits, the guava contains up to 3 times more Vitamin C, and this will give your body’s immunity a boost in resisting disease-causing germs. Regular guava consumption is also good for the eyes as this fruit also contains high levels of Vitamin A. In fact, guavas also contain Lycopene which is an affective compound against skin and prostate cancer.


fruit juice recipes jackfruit e1328443546447 Fruit Juice Recipes

The milky sweet taste of jackfruits will enhance the taste of your fruit and vegetable juices. This fruit is a great source of energy too as it contains fructose and sucrose which can revitalize your body almost instantly. The fiber content of a jackfruit also gives it a laxative effect, so it is also beneficial to those who are trying to lose some weight. And if you have low body resistance, this fruit will be beneficial to you too, as it has Vitamin C components that can strengthen your immune system.


fruit juice recipes kiwifruits e1328445067139 Fruit Juice Recipes

This fruit contains more vitamin C than lemons and oranges and can greatly prevent you from experiencing a painful ulcer. Its potassium and magnesium can keep you from having cramps and enhance your muscles’ endurance. It also has fiber, which is suited for you if you have any problems in your digestive system. It delays you from growing old and keeps you from experiencing degenerative illnesses and inflammation because of its antioxidants, elements like vitamin C, E, copper and iron.


1254882 lemon Fruit Juice Recipes

As lemons belong to the family of citrus fruits, it has a very high consistency of Ascorbic Acid. Vitamin C increases one’s overall resistance against germs and viruses, and it also helps in the recovery process during illness. The concentrated citric acid component in lemons also acts as a dissolving agent of kidney stones. This fruit is popular as a concentrated juice in itself, but it can also be added to different juice cleanse recipes to increase the drink’s nutritional value.


fruit juice recipes limes Fruit Juice Recipes

Limes have very similar health benefits to lemons as they belong to the same family group of citrus fruits. Because limes are more sour-tasting than lemons, they also make great ingredients for juice diet recipes that are too sweet. As can be expected, this fruit also carries high amounts of Vitamin C which serves as a natural antibiotic for all kinds of sickness. The Phytochemicals that are present in this fruit also provide it with some anti-cancer properties.


fruit juice recipes lychee e1328446466480 300x199 Fruit Juice Recipes

Lychee also belongs to the citrus family, and is therefore rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is not only an effective anti-oxidant against stress and fatigue, but it is also an immunity booster. Lychees are also great sources of B vitamins like Thiamin, Folic Acid and Niacin, so it is one of the fruits that you can include in your juice fast recipes if you are after this type of vitamin. The Potassium and Copper minerals also make this type of fruit highly effective in maintaining healthy heart and blood composition.


fruit juice recipes mango5 e1328542790289 300x238 Fruit Juice Recipes

Polyphenols in mango, combined with vitamins A, C, and E, make it an effective source of antioxidants. Its vitamin B6 content allows mango to have a say in preventing brain damage and atherosclerosis. Copper in mango is also an important component in many human enzymes.


fruit juice recipes mangosteen e1328448282654 Fruit Juice Recipes

The mangosteen fruit contains extremely high dietary fiber components. You can therefore include this in your juice diet recipes in conjunction with some exercise routines if you are aiming to lose some pounds. Its Vitamin C content is high too, that’s why this fruit is considered to be a very powerful anti-oxidant and a nutritious food source as well.


fruit juice recipes melons e1328525448124 Fruit Juice Recipes

Everyone loves melons, and it blends well with other fruits and vegetables too. Including this in your juices will provide you with a good source of Vitamin C and Potassium. Almost all types of fruits carry Vitamin C, but melons in particular, are loaded with this very important vitamin. While increasing the resistance against germs and viruses, Vitamin C also expedites recovery from sickness. The Potassium component, on the other hand, can regulate blood pressure and decrease the risks of having heart attacks.


fruit juice recipes olives e1328526794434 300x248 Fruit Juice Recipes

Olives have always been used in food recipes since ancient times. Even in small amounts, this fruit can give your juice detox diet a boost in its nutritional value. Olives are rich in Vitamin E which is not only a powerful anti-oxidant but a useful vitamin as well. Vitamin E has anti-aging properties, so it will make your skin, hair and overall appearance youthful-looking. This “wonder fruit” also contains Polyphenols which is a type of compound that has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


fruit juice recipes orange e1328528235439 Fruit Juice Recipes

Folates in orange could prevent cancer and malfunctioning DNA. Polyphenols in orange provide the ability to fend off stroke in susceptible people. As a citrus fruit, orange is also rich in vitamin C, which is an antioxidant against common colds. Pectin in orange is particularly valuable in combating cancers.


fruit juice recipes papaya e1328528755671 225x300 Fruit Juice Recipes

This fruit has a lot of health advantages to recommend it as part of one’s juice diet regimen. However, its most basic purpose is to act as a digestion agent, due of its fiber ingredient that makes one’s colon free of any harmful toxin that may make us sick.  It also has papain, which lessens the inflammation brought about by gout, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  It is a great idea to extract this fruit when one has irritation in one’s intestines, or dyspepsia.

Passion Fruit

fruit juice recipes passion fruit e1328529486294 Fruit Juice Recipes

The more types of fruits and vegetables you include in your juice diet recipes, the better. If you have high cholesterol levels, including passion fruits which are high in fiber will help your condition. The high consistency of Vitamin C in the fruit also increases your resistance against infectious diseases. And since this type of fruit is also rich in Vitamins A and E, your eye health and skin condition will improve as well.


fruit juice recipes peaches e1328529996936 Fruit Juice Recipes

Although you can make juice drinks that are purely made of peaches, it would be better if you include some other fruits and vegetables in your drink preparation to make it balanced and more nutritious as well. Peaches will add fiber to your juice diet recipes to make it more adaptable to your weight loss program. It is also high in Calcium which is essential to having strong bones and teeth.


fruit juice recipes pear1 e1328532236230 Fruit Juice Recipes

Vitamin A in pears promotes good eyesight. The nervous system will also run smoothly under a juice diet with pear as an ingredient since it is rich in vitamins C, E, and B complex. Clots binding to artery walls can also be prevented by consuming pear because of its vitamin K content.


fruit juice recipes pineapple e1328533527359 Fruit Juice Recipes

Pineapple contains bromelain, a very useful compound that promotes healthy blood circulation and defense against tumors. Cysteine protease enzymes in pineapple also help in providing a decent metabolism. Packed with vitamins A, B complex, and C, pineapples are also good deterrents of the effects of aging.



fruit juice recipes plum3 e1328536618677 Fruit Juice Recipes

Plums are rich in Sorbitol and Isatin compounds. These 2 elements can help in the proper regulation of the digestive tract. This fruit is also high in Carbohydrates which can supply the body with energy. Since plums are also rich in Vitamin C, it makes your juice diet more potent as a nutritional drink.



fruit juice recipes pomegranate2 Fruit Juice Recipes

You should try to include pomegranate fruits in your juice recipes as much as you can. Aside from adding to the delicious taste of your concoction, this fruit also has high fiber contents. It therefore stimulates regular bowel movement and lowers the risk of colon cancer due to its detoxification effects. It even contains the Punicalagin compound which is helpful in maintaining a healthy heart.


Star Fruit

fruit juice recipes star fruit e1328539595552 Fruit Juice Recipes

If you are not too delighted with having sour tastes in your juice drink, you should only include moderate amounts of star fruits in your juice diet recipes. Even in small amounts, however, this fruit can supply you with high fiber and Vitamin C contents. Having fiber in your juice drinks will have some kind of laxative effect that will clean up your system, and this will result in a generally healthy condition of the body. Likewise, the high concentration of Vitamin C in this fruit will increase your body’s resistance against harmful bacteria and viruses.


fruit juice recipes strawberries e1328540361507 Fruit Juice Recipes

Strawberries are certainly delicious whether eaten as is, consumed as concentrated juice, or mixed with other fruits and vegetables. Should you decide to include this fruit in your juice diet recipes, you will increase your drink’s nutritional value in a lot of ways. Strawberries carry extremely high concentration of Vitamin C to make your body resistant to colds, flu, and other types of infectious diseases. It is also loaded with B vitamins which are beneficial to the whole nervous system. The Vitamin A content contributes to eye and skin health, and the Vitamin E factor serves as an overall anti-oxidant. Strawberries are even found to have Anthocyanins and Ellagic Acid compounds which are anti-aging and anti-cancer.


fruit juice recipes tomatoes Fruit Juice Recipes

Tomatoes are fruits, but they are commonly used as vegetables. It would be a good idea to include this in your juice diet recipes as tomatoes are known for its high contents of photochemical properties. The Lycopene element found in this fruit serves as an overall anti-oxidant to protect the body from different types of cancer like breast, colon, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer just to name a few. The high concentration of Vitamin C in tomatoes also boosts the anti-cancer properties present in this fruit so as to make the body more resistant to deadly diseases.



fruit juice recipes watermelon1 e1328541707691 Fruit Juice Recipes

Contrary to popular belief, watermelons are not simply a storage house of watery substances. Although the fruit can indeed help in the hydration process because of its basic components, it also carries other vitamins and minerals that are also needed by the body. Watermelons have high levels of Vitamin A which is an essential vitamin for healthy vision. The fruit also contains Beta Carotene which can help prevent different types of cancer like prostate, colon, breast, lung, pancreatic and endometrial cancer. The Potassium content in watermelons also aids in lowering the risk factors of having strokes and heart attacks. That’s why adding watermelons in your juice diet recipes will not only enhance the taste of your drink, but it will increase its overall potency as well.

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