General Types of Juice Diet Plans

As for the varied needs of each individual, there are different types of juice diet plans available to cater to the needs and wants of each individual. Just like buying new clothes, sizes are available, as one shirt size will not fit all buyers. This principle likewise applies to juice diet plans; there are juice fastings made for beginning, intermediate, and long-terms practitioners. Read further in this article to discover what are the different types of juice diet plans available, and depending on your demands, choose the right juice fast that caters to your needs.

Juice Fasting Plans: The Typical Diet Begins With…

To give you a more detailed outlook with regards to different juice diet plans and how they are performed correctly, see the example layout of the above juice diet detox regimens and try to adapt or even pattern your plan to make it more personalized. Note that below are examples of health juice diet plans, and you can freely substitute all the listed ingredients (see recommended fruits and vegetables here) according to the product availability and degree of your demands, it is interesting that a simple thing like this can be an oral herpes treatment and a treatment for many other health issues.

juice for juice diet plans Juice Diet Plans1-day juice diet plan

Made typically for beginners and novice dieters, a 1-day juice diet plan is the safest, easiest to follow, and less complicated type of juice fasting plan. It doesn’t require long term commitments and redundant diet regimens, as all can be accomplished in just one day. Although, compared to other forms of juice diet plans, a 1-day juice diet plan yields the least amount of benefits.

3-day juice diet plan

For intermediate dieters or those who have accomplished 1-day juice fasting plans and need a more advanced, or better yet, stronger juice detox diet program with more pronounced benefits, the 3-day juice diet plan is just the right regimen for your demands. The program follows a strict 3-day health juice diet plan that gives the body more time to relax; hence, faster and more noticeable results are achieved.

7-day juice diet plan

Heavy dieters or consistent juice fasters who are used to the basic principle of juice fasting will find the 7-day juice diet plan perfect for their needs. Compared to other types of juice detox diets, people seem to love it when it comes to 7-day juice fasting plan yields more benefits to the body, but is accompanied by expected side effects, such as headaches and abdominal discomforts to name a few. With a 7-day juice fasting plan, paramount discipline is required to achieved weight loss or ultimate health results.

Various combinations, such as a vegetable-only juice diet plan, fruit-only fasting, and green juice diet plans are also available for those looking for a specific type of juice fasting plan that will meet their bodily needs. There is just one important note to consider; any form of juice diet plans should not exceed more than 7-10 days as our body cannot bear lengthy periods of no solid food intake.

1-Day Juice Diet Plan Example

Before you begin your juice diet meal, upon awakening, drink one glass (or 250ml) of water with a squeeze of either a lime or a lemon. Water mixed with a lime or a lemon is known to ultimately cleanse the digestive system, thus thorough cleansing is achieved right from the start.

Breakfast: Drink one 8oz glass (or 250ml) of juice. Since this will be your first take, it is suggested to drink a fruit-only combination as it contains more fructose that latter turns into energy to cope up with your day. A brisk walk after taking your first breakfast fruit juice is also recommended to keep your body working,  removing unwanted toxins from your system.

Snack: Drink another glass (or 250ml) of fruit and vegetable juice to suffice hunger and maintain the proper amounts of sugar in the body.

Lunch: Take another 8oz or 250ml of diluted juice for lunch. This time, a combination of fruits and vegetables or either a solo drink doesn’t matter at all, as long as it contains all the necessary vitamins to keep your body energized  throughout out the day. Remember that no solid foods should be taken while on the diet, but you can drink glasses of water to keep your body hydrated.

Snack: Take another 8oz or 250 ml (or one glass) of fruit and vegetable juice, followed by a glass of warm water with a pinch of salt or squeeze of lemon. If you feel any hunger or craving, a fruit-only concoction is generally advised.

Dinner: Drink your last 8oz or 250ml of diluted juice, but a vegetable-only concoction is advised, since it contains more fiber and less sugar, which makes your body competes against hunger while providing fewer calories to burn.

Before going to bed: Take 100ml of vegetable juice, followed by a calming tea, such as chamomile or mint. Those without caffeine content are also recommended.

You could refer to the above 1-day juice diet plan sample for your 3-day or 7-day juice detox.

Learn step-by-step juice detox diet here:
detoxdiet sm Juice Diet Plans

Recommended Juice Diet Recipes

There are many types of juice diet recipes available online or offline, but one needs to bear in mind that the proper preparation, choice of quality ingredients, and smart combination is all it takes to create a healthy drink that doesn’t cause too much effort and money on the pockets. See these recommended recipes below and feel free to modify them according to your needs as well as wants.

Vegetable Juice Diet Recipe:


  1. Carrots – for healthier eyes
  2. Celery and cucumber – reduces sugar in the blood
  3. Tomatoes – for cancer prevention
  4. Green leafs – promotes digestion
  5. Spinach – supplement for the blood
  6. Pinch of lemon
  7. Juicer

Combine all these ingredients in the juicer, but first, peel the carrots and cucumber. If you have a small juicer, roll the leaves into a cylinder, while hard stems can be cut into pieces. Set your juicer into low setting and run it off until all ingredients are smooth and liquefied. Squeeze one medium size lemon to neutralize the bitter taste of the vegetables.

All Fruit Juice Diet Recipe


  1. Apple – good for the digestive tract and muscles
  2. Grapes – known to cleanse the colon
  3. Papaya – aids better digestion and elimination
  4. Watermelon – great source of fluids
  5. Juicer

Peel the papaya and apples to prevent pulp formation in the concoction. Combine all the ingredients, and using the medium setting of your juicer, liquefy them. Note that the pears and apples should be cored, while the seeds of the watermelon can also be removed for a smoother juice.

Fruity Green Juice Fast recipe


  1. Cucumber – known to hydrate the skin
  2. Celery stalks – equalizes sugar in the body
  3. Lemon juice and lemon rind – to neutralize bitter taste
  4. Apples – rich in potassium
  5. Ginger – reduces stomach cramps and pains
  6. Juicer

Prepare all the necessary ingredients, and don’t forget to core and peel the apples. The cucumber seeds can be included in the mixture, but the cucumber itself should be peeled. Put all the ingredients in the juicer except for the lemon rind and ginger. When done juicing, add the lemon rind and ginger and let it sit for about five minutes. Drink immediately for the best results.

If you want to live a healthy life, boost your metabolism, and practice a more organic method toward weight loss, then juice fasting plans will never fail to meet your demands. It is known to remove unwanted toxins out from the body and provide our organs ample amounts of time to rest and be energized. If you need a quick lift from the chemically prepared foods of today, following a simple, yet effective juice diet plan is enough to keep you healthy from time to time.

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