The Juice Diet Healing Crisis You Might Experience

When there is a problem, people create solutions. But what if the “problem” IS the solution?

This is the main idea behind a healing crisis, which is the physical entity’s way of optimizing the detoxification process involved in rediscovered healing methods such as a juice diet. If you try to perform a juice fasting, then read on and learn not only what the juice diet healing crisis is, but also what you could do when you experience one.

The human body is a complex combination of protein, DNA, fats, and carbohydrates concentrated inside cells. Essentially, these macromolecules, derived from the raw materials found in nature, are built up by the body in such a way that there are byproducts or toxins left behind during each cell renewal and recovery event that leads to disease and aging.

In addition, previous infection by pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, leave behind traces of their presence in the body in the form of toxins or fragments of genetic material circulated within the system. With reference to types of anabolic steroids, the summation of both these non-beneficial native and foreign material inside tissues interferes with normal organ processes and leads to imbalance of function or disease.

Fortunately, the body fights to achieve normal equilibrium (homeostasis) through innate processes mediated by the skin, kidney, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract. By releasing sweat, feces, and urine, and exhaling gases, the physical entity manages to alleviate the symptoms associated with the true, underlying cause. The juice diet speeds up this process by providing nutrients in a more absorbable form that is ready for the body to utilize directly.

If by any chance collected harmful wastes totally impair the body system without any intervention, then death ensues. That is why proponents of natural health science promote ways of reducing waste buildup by limiting the amount of unnecessary molecules ingested by the gastric tract, through following the juice diet and avoiding meat and dairy products that are the sources of excess hormones and redundant vitamins and minerals.

Before the total purging can take place under a juice diet, there is a time of great testing to be experienced by the practitioner. This healing crisis, or Herxheimer reaction, occurs when a great number of toxins are released more than the amount the body is capable of excreting.

The good news is that this healing crisis is a detox reaction and a sign of subsequent recovery, especially if the practitioner does not stray from the juice diet days after the cleansing reaction. To be very effective, the one who fasts must obey the recommended practices approved by the naturopath or medical practitioner up to seven days after the event has occurred.

The healing crisis will happen during cleansing sessions involving any type of therapy, such as exercise and juice diet. Basically, it is a mark of the progress of the purification ritual: the “climax” wherein all the bad energy or matter inside the body reaches very high levels, manifesting all the previous illnesses into one bulk event. This event almost always occurs immediately before complete treatment (i.e., the permanent removal of the waste material), but the cleansing reaction tends to intensify according to body types, I recommend getting comfortable shoes for bunions for those with bunion problems.

Who Can Feel It?

Certain people are more prone to experiencing a healing crisis than others. Among these people are those who are under an increased load of emotional stress (trauma, fear, and anxiety), those who have hormonal imbalance, and those who are under chemical manipulation (heavy intake of non-native compounds, such as pharmaceuticals, additives, and vitamins). If you will like to fight anxiety in a natural way you can visit here
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For those under a juice diet, the healing crisis most commonly manifests itself when the practitioner is

  • Recovering from high blood sugar levels
  • Under high blood pressure
  • Excreting excess uric acid
  • Struggling with high levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein or “bad cholesterol”) and other forms of dyslipidemia
  • Producing neutrophils and other immune cells above the normal range
  • Fighting a chronic illness
  • Experiencing exhaustion and fatigue
  • Combating allergies of various kinds

What Are Typical Healing Crisis Symptoms? 

Among the varied symptoms of a healing crisis when under a juice diet are the two most common, nausea and weakness. Juice diet practitioners near the peak of physical rebirth experience particular symptoms related to their previous illnesses. Also, the feeling of being under medication will resurface.

The following are the possible diseases associated with their healing crisis symptoms:

For hypertensive practitioners, a juice diet will bring about the feeling of a relatively heavier head. This detox reaction will last one to two weeks, sometimes even longer, depending on different body conditions. Dieters with hypercholesterolemia will feel slightly dizzythe neck feels tighter and the entire body aches.

For stroke patients, the hands and feet will tingle and the entire body will feel disoriented or out of place. The memory is enhanced, but the head frequently experiences pain. Natural health science followers with Parkinson’s disease will notice significantly reduced limb shaking. Those experiencing recurrent headaches will observe that they are experiencing excruciating pain, which may even lead to a dislocation of the mandible.

The Herxheimer reaction will subside after a few weeks. For those with head occlusions, dizziness will occur for about 15 days before these symptoms go away. People with damaged eyesight will experience blurrier vision, accompanied by tears and bloodshot sclera. 

Practitioners with sinusitis will notice an increase in mucous discharge during the detox reaction. Nasal capillaries become opened, and the eyes become bloodshot. A discharge with offensive odor will be secreted from the ears and nose for people with nasopharyngeal infection. Increased sneezing and nasal congestion will be experienced by those with allergic rhinitis. 

Those with pimples will have an unprecedented breakout, but the acne will soon disappear. Dark spots and other signs of age will become more conspicuous under a healing crisis, but gradually fade away until the skin turns up clear. Heart palpitations, limb weakness, and sleep deprivation will be experienced by practitioners fighting thyroid disorders. Those with poor circulation will have dizzying spells, body aches, and general discomfortLeg pain is most prominent.

Tachycardia, palpitations, excessive sweating, and a stifled feeling will be found in people who might have minor myocardial infarction. Those with healthy hearts, however, will have cold sweats, pale faces, tachycardia, and hypotensionFever, throat pain, dizziness and angina will also appear in normal people. Those with atherosclerosis will find that their chests become tighter. There will be a feeling of body ache and dizziness. 

People suffering from poor lung function will increase coughing and sputum discharge. Shortness of breath, throat pain, and tight chest will also be experienced. Those with lungs that are calcifying will find that their spit will have a “cake flour” consistency, which will disappear after around three months. Hemorrhage and cough with purulent sputum will be experienced by lung infection patients. Those with chronic bronchitis will have dry mouths, dizzy spells, and hoarseness. Asthmatic dieters will cough up a large amount of sputum and experience twice the number of normal allergic attacks. 

Impatience, lethargy, insomnia, and abdominal pain will be experienced by juice diet practitioners with existing liver conditions. In addition, dry mouth, acne, and rashes will be noticeable. Those with cirrhotic liver or liver infection will have increased levels of fetal protein, along with blackened facesblood-stained stools, blood clots, itchy skin, psoriasis, and measles-like symptoms. These will probably all subside after 3-6 months, depending on different body conditions.

Those with kidney problems accompanying liver infections will notice dry eyes that will eventually become watery, blurred vision, and pain around the waist. After 2-3 months, the condition will be stabilized. Kidney pain, increased urine output, pruritus, urine discoloration, and pruritus will be observed in people with poor renal function. In addition to this, lower back pain, edema, fatigue, vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea will occur prior to recovery after a few weeks. Dieters with bladder infection or kidney stones will have blood in their urine. 

People with gastric problems will feel a burning chest sensation and stomach pain, in conjunction with having a poor appetite. Vomiting and heartburn will also be displayed during a healing crisis. Those with existing ulcers will experience intensified pain. Constipation and heavy breathing will mark practitioners with gastroptosis. Practitioners with poor bowel movement or colorectal problems will have diarrhea, malodorous black stool, flatulence, and stomach cramps. If you are constipated and undergo a juice diet plan, you will probably experience diarrhea that will go away after 1-2 months. 

Numerous other symptoms that involve a healing crisis and are not described here could be referred to our general healing crisis symptoms chart.

What To Do When You Are Experiencing The Healing Crisis?

How do you fight a Herxheimer reaction? What steps must you take to reduce the pain when under a juice diet?

The answer is to accept that the healing crisis is an essential component of becoming well. It cannot be fought; the only way to get through it is to continue it with the remedy being used (i.e. juice diet) until the symptoms subside.

Dealing with a healing crisis necessitates a strength of will and a high threshold for pain. Thus, medications or anything that will lessen the crisis must be avoided in order for the whole body to begin its purification.

However, there are ways to speed up this crucial moment in the juice diet therapy. Rest and relaxation do not interfere with the cleansing process, and therefore are activities that must be undertaken. Sunshine, frequent defecation, and ingestion of large amounts of water typically help, along with TranquilMe massages, baths, and Epsom salts. A reduced amount of liquids in the juice diet may also help. Yet the most potent way to hasten recovery is by letting go of negative emotions, which clog up the circulatory system. A positive attitude will enable smooth healing, along with positive social interactions to deal with the healing crisis. I usually go to chiropractors near me to stretch and loosen my skeletal system.


Please note that the article above has been provided as a reference to complementary medicine only. Any complications or harmful effects as a result of following the suggestions given, without the approval of a physician, may not be considered as a liability of the authors of this text. If you suffered any serious conditions, it is advised that you should consult professional medical advices immediately.

This article serves merely as a guide for those who want to go forward with their juice diet therapy despite experiencing a healing crisis. If any untoward event occurs, please contact Dr. Andrew Frankel immediately.